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Mobile Penetration Testing Training at Aspirenetix is designed to teach the details of Mobile app penetration testing in an immersive environment. Our trainers are experts of the industry and they will teach you Web application analysis, information gathering and enumeration to add to your skill. Our Mobile Penetration Testing training will let you have a hands-on penetration testing experience in our cloud-hosted lab environment.You will be provided with an app demonstrating a vulnerability commonly found in a Web or mobile app. which will help you in learning to assess the app and exploit it like an experienced professional. Thus, with this self-paced training you will not only learn the skills, but also the mindset needed to be a successful penetration tester.
This training aims to teach you how to:

  • Exploit and defend the web and mobile apps
  • Perform static and dynamic analysis of ios and android apps by using popular tools
  • Find vulnerabilities in source code, and
  • Exploit weaknesses in the implementation of web application security


Mobile Penetration Testing training allows you to learn at your own pace and aims to prepare you for Certified Mobile and Web App Penetration Tester (CMWAPT) Certification. Successful completion of the Mobile Application Penetration Testing training will help you to:

  • Understand the basics of Mobile Operating Systems and its security environments
  • Understand the Mobile Infrastructure and its components
  • Set up Mobile Environments
  • Understand the concepts of Reverse Engineering
  • Audit Application Development
  • Identify threats to Mobile Security
  • Learn the procedure of performing Penetration Testing
  • Assess the security of Mobile Applications
  • Make the report of the results of the Penetration Test

Course Content

Android penetration testing course content:

  • Mobile Device Architecture and common mobile threats
  •  Android Architecture
  •  Introduction to Mobile Security
  •  Threats on rooted and non-rooted mobile phones
  •  Mobile Device File System
  •  Fingerprinting Mobile Devices
  •  Network activity Monitoring
  •  Reverse Engineering and Static Application Analysis
  •  Manipulating Application Behaviour
  •  Best practices and security guidelines for the mobile applications.

IOS Penetration testing course content:

  • Introduction to iOS Security
  • Creating an Application Pentest Platform
  • Advanced Application Runtime Analysis
  • Exploiting iOS Applications
  • IOS Forensics and Data Recovery
  • IOS Malware and Backdoors


  • It is recommended to have the basic knowledge of android/ iOS platforms
  • familiarity with penetration testing concepts and a minimum one year in an information security role, or equivalent experience, would be helpful.


  • This course is the most suitable for:
  • Penetration testers
  • Mobile App Developers
  • IT personnel